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Origin of the Amazons – Controversial History of the Themysciran Warriors

Origin of the Amazons

The Amazons were the very first group of supernatural beings created by DC Comics. Yet, we don’t see them very often in the scene. Even though they are some of the mightiest group of warriors in the entire universe, there are more to their origin that has not been talked about much. So, we are […]

15 Best Female Superheroes of All Time!

Female Superheroes

Comic books have been the home of some incredible female superheroes overtimes. There have been some bad, some good, but none of them were boring. From the pages of a comic book to the animated series, and now on the silver screen, they have been the most amazing female characters that everyone loved. What does […]

12 Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters in Marvel & DC

Sexiest Female Comic Book Character

Since the beginning of the comic book age, writers have used sexy female characters to attract teenage boys (and it definitely worked). Although there wasn’t much to go at the beginning, as time passed by fans witnessed the development of some of the sexiest female comic book characters in both Marvel & DC universes.  What […]