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Catwoman Vs Black Cat | A Battle Of Skill And Seduction

Catwoman VS Black Cat

Who doesn’t love a good old Cat Fight? And if that fight is between two of the sexiest characters in comics, then you’re in for a treat. Catwoman and Black Cat, two of the most attractive and skilled fighters in their distinguished universes. One can always argue with their representation, but you can never object […]

The Date Knight: All Batman’s Girlfriends Since 1939!

Batmans Girlfriend

You would think that being a superhero would put a damper on your love life. But that’s definitely not the case with the dark knight. He actually had more love interests and girlfriends than most other superheroes in comics. So, let’s check out every girlfriend Batman was romantically involved with. All Batman’s Girlfriends from the […]

10 Best Batman Villains of Gotham Since 1939!

Best Batman Villains

The world’s best detective has been in comics since the 1940s. Throughout history, he has taken over many storylines and formed various teams and affiliations as well as dealing with some dangerous villains. So, we are going to rank 10 of the most notorious Batman villains that the dark knight faced in the comic book. […]

12 Sexiest Female Comic Book Characters in Marvel & DC

Sexiest Female Comic Book Character

Since the beginning of the comic book age, writers have used sexy female characters to attract teenage boys (and it definitely worked). Although there wasn’t much to go at the beginning, as time passed by fans witnessed the development of some of the sexiest female comic book characters in both Marvel & DC universes.  What […]