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10 Best Marvel Comics Storylines You Must Read Today!

Best Marvel Comics Storylines

Marvel has no shortage of great comic book characters and stories over their many years of publishing. Some of the stories have redefined characters in a new way and some have really browned the reader’s mind. So, here we are going to pick 10 of the best marvel comics storylines that your favorite comic book […]

10 Best DC Comics Storylines You Must Read Today!

Best DC Comics Storylines

DC comics has been the home of some of the most amazing storylines in history. From the greatest detectives to the earth crumbling aliens, what’s not to love? Since 1939, DC has been presenting us with some of the amazing stories of our favorite characters. And today we are going to rank 10 of the […]

Top 10 Strongest Weapons in the Marvel Universe!

Strongest Weapons in Marvel

Marvel has been the home of some of the strongest artifacts in the universe. Many writers have introduced some insane artifacts which eventually used as a weapon by some other character. Although the appearance of these weapons is relatively low, here we have ranked 10 of the strongest weapons that ever existed in the Marvel […]

Blue Superheroes: 10 Best Superhero With Blue Attires

Blue Superheroes

Comic Book has always been a colorful panel of stories and characters. From the golden age of the 21st century, comics have never failed to entertain their audience with some amazing color combinations. With a calm and quiet mind, let’s rank some of the blue superheroes that step foot in comics.  10 Greatest Blue Superhero […]