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Raven (Origin) Tragedy of The Most Powerful Empath

Raven Looks Hot

DC Comics has some of the darkest characters on its archive. Being the daughter of one of the strongest demons in the universe, it doesn’t get any darker. Raven has been one of the most powerful female superheroes since the beginning. Even with all her dark powers, has been able to fight for the good […]

Adam Warlock | The Comic Book Origin


Adam Warlock was first seen in the Fantastic Four issue #66-67 in 1967. Originally known as Him, he came in several Marvel storylines often to change the core of the story. He is one of the very few characters, who can potentially unlock the full power of the Infinity Gauntlet.  Who is Adam Warlock? Adam […]

Galactus | The Comic Book Origin


For years Marvel has been the home of a lot of mysterious characters. From a friendly neighborhood to a planet-eating entity, Marvel’s got everything. So, today we are going to explore one of the most mysterious characters in Marvel Comics, Galactus.  Who is Galactus? He is the devourer of worlds. One of the best villains […]