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Origin of the Amazons – Controversial History of the Themysciran Warriors

Origin of the Amazons

The Amazons were the very first group of supernatural beings created by DC Comics. Yet, we don’t see them very often in the scene. Even though they are some of the mightiest group of warriors in the entire universe, there are more to their origin that has not been talked about much. So, we are […]

Celestials: History of the Most Mysterious Marvel Character Ever!

The History of Celestials

Celestials are the most mysterious character in the entire Marvel universe. They have been portrayed as beings with insane powers and abilities as well as the Marvel God itself.  As most gods are beings with powers beyond imagination, we don’t know exactly where they came from. But we do have several origins and theories that […]

Spider-Man Noir (Origin) The Coolest Webhead Ever?

Spider-Man Noir Cover

The Marvel poster boy aka Spider-Man has to be the most popular character of the Marvel multiverse. Since his journey in 1962, he has been in a lot of storylines including several alternate universes. And today, you are going to get the origin story for one of the coolest looking Spider-Man of all time. The […]

Catwoman Vs Black Cat | A Battle Of Skill And Seduction

Catwoman VS Black Cat

Who doesn’t love a good old Cat Fight? And if that fight is between two of the sexiest characters in comics, then you’re in for a treat. Catwoman and Black Cat, two of the most attractive and skilled fighters in their distinguished universes. One can always argue with their representation, but you can never object […]