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    Beast Boy: History of the Green Toned Lover Boy!

    History of Beast Boy

    Beast Boy, also known as Garfield Mark Logan or Gar Logan, is one of the most prominent members of the Teen Titans and has been a part of the DC Comic book industry since 1966. He was created by Arnold Drake and Bob Brown and first appeared in “The Doom Patrol” #99.

    Wanna learn more about him? Keep reading and you might just find something that you didn’t know about this iconic character.


    Gar Logan was the son of a circus performer named Jack Logan. His mother died giving birth to him, and he grew up living in the woods with an aunt who treated him poorly. When his father came back into his life, Gar asked about where mommy went; but his dad didn’t know that answer either.

    One day while he was in the woods, he came across a group of scientists experimenting on animals. He first saved some birds from being experimented on and then later found out that they were testing to see if anyone could go into animal form for an extended period of time. The incident gave him temporary powers but also left him with dangerous side effects!

    He soon joined the Teen Titans, where he met Robin and Beast Girl. He was also later known as “The Changeling” for being able to change forms into animals, but now he can only turn into green-skinned creatures like himself!

    Powers and Abilities

    Beast Boy’s powers come from an experiment when he was a young boy. He has the ability to turn into any animal, as long as there is some connection between that animal and himself (e.g., if he eats it or once had contact with its blood). The link doesn’t have to be personal; for example, animals who are part of his biological family are also ones he can turn into.

    beast boy fun

    Beast Boy’s powers are only limited by the imagination of the writer and artist. He has been known to transform into a variety of animals, including apes, cats, dogs, dinosaurs, and even fish!

    The power is not always with Beast Boy; it only takes effect when the situation calls for it. For example, if he wishes to fly as an animal, he can do it. He usually turns into a green-skinned creature like himself!


    Beast Boy has affections for Raven, a fellow member of the Teen Titans.

    Beast Boy Romance

    In many animated episodes and comics, they seem to be in love with each other, but Beast Boy is always too shy or afraid to make a move on her because he’s been told that Raven doesn’t believe in relationships. He has an infatuation with Terra as well.

    Team Affiliation

    Beast Boy is a member of the Teen Titans. They are the superhero team that he has been affiliated with since his first appearance in “The Brave and The Bold #54.” Where he was affiliated with Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Flash, and Raven.

    Beast Boy is also a member of the young justice league.

    Comic Book Recommendations

    – Teen Titans Vol. One: It’s Our Right to Fight
    – Young Justice League Volume Three: Outbreak

    If you’re a fan of Beast Boy, there is no doubt that you’ll enjoy these two comics! They have an amazing storyline and are full of action just like the beast boy himself!

    Final Words

    Beast Boy is a fascinating character in the DC universe. Either in cartoons or in comics, he is a fun character to watch and read. Are you a fan of this amazing character? Which specialties do you like most about him?

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