Hey there, its Peter.

First of all, Thank you for visiting this ordinary blog.
Comic Spider is just a personal blog that I have been planning to write on for many years and finally got my lazy-self convinced to do it.
I have been a reading comic book since I was 4. I could bearly read, but loved those art pannels. My first ever comic book was The Adventure of TinTin (I still like that a lot). But over the year I developed some love for Marvel & DC comics. Which motivated me to write this website so that I can have some nerdy discussions with you guys.
 And if you are wondering, Then YES, Spider-Man is my most favorite superhero. That’s where the domain name comes from, LoL.

I would like to confirm that as a comic book fan anything that I write on this website is solely based on the comic books, not the movie version of any character or story. And everything I write is my own perspective. You might not always agree with my listings, rankings or any other stuff. And that’s what the comment box is for. 

You are always welcome to discuss any theories about any particular comic book or characters in here. I would love to know your thoughts on particular articles and how you see those characters, or stories.

Some of the posts in this website will have external links which will redirect you to the source page of any particular websites that I have taken information from.

I might also give affiliate links to some of the reading materials you can check out. Purchasing from my affiliate links will not cost you any extra money but it will provide me a commission as a token of thank you from that particular website.

Any information in this website is 100% free and available for re-use. Although some recognition will be appreciated.
Overall, Thank you for your love & support.